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Learn How to Change Your Approach


In this course, we define a difficult person as someone who is unwilling or unable to change certain challenging behaviors or personality traits that make it tough to get along with him or her.


Do you have a difficult person in your life? The Banana Man course can help!

The Banana Man course will give you the tools and confidence to navigate interactions with even the most difficult people.  

The Banana Man Online Course


90-minute, self-paced course




Learn to Manage Challenging Relationships


The Banana Man course will help you boost your confidence and reduce stress and frustration when dealing with challenging individuals who resist change.

Whether the person is someone you love (like a parent or child) or someone you'd prefer to never see again (like a boss or a co-parent), this course will empower you to handle even the most challenging interactions. 

You CAN do this! 


The Banana Man Online Course


90-minute, self-paced course


What Participants Are Saying About the Banana Man Course

Rose K.

‚ÄúThis course ROCKS! I‚Äôve spent years trying to figure out how to deal with the difficult people in my life, and this course introduces a framework that really helped me understand these ‚Äúbanana men‚ÄĚ better, and get my own shit together to respond to them effectively. The instructor is also really engaging with her clear communication style, bright energy, and just a hint of irreverence. It‚Äôs also very efficient. I felt like I learned a lot in a short period of time while I was washing my nightly dishes. (Though it is helpful to stop to actually do the exercises). Highly recommend!"


Katie L

“Banana Man is the phrase I never knew I needed to describe people in my life who aren't dangerous or deliberately hurtful, but who are just plain tough to be around.  This course wastes no time and gets right down to business which I appreciated.  I struggle with my mother-in-law and Banana Man helped me get through Easter dinner without losing my mind.  Anyone with an annoying in-law needs this course!" 

Catherine Hodge
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"Thank you for creating this course! It's packed with invaluable information, yet it's concise and straight to the point. Not only has it been immensely helpful for me personally in navigating challenging relationships, but it's also become a go-to resource that I frequently recommend to my clients."


Carrie Lannon
Principal, Lannon Consulting, LLC

‚ÄúI found the Banana Man course on dealing with difficult people to contain valuable suggestions on how to work with challenging clients, co-workers and partners at my consulting business. The options for assessing a difficult person and implementing solutions by changing your approach are presented in a format that is enjoyable and easy to follow and remember. The suggested approach is truly empowering.‚ÄĚ


Amanda C.

“I was blown away by how informative and just spot-on the Banana Man course is. I could immediately feel Linda's warmth. She provides hope and clarity around a part of our lives that can feel so frustrating and hopeless. As someone with a Banana Man in my own life, I felt calmer and more equipped after watching the videos. As a therapist, I will be recommending this valuable resource to my clients. ~Amanda Campbell, LMHC | Campbell Counseling | www.campbellcounselingindy.com"



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Meet Your Instructor

Linda Murphy, LMHC is the founder of the Banana Man Society and the Relationship and Divorce Counseling Center in Tampa, FL.

As a licensed mental health counselor specializing in helping individuals and couples with relationship-related challenges, Linda has gained extensive expertise in navigating interactions with difficult individuals who resist change.

Throughout her career, she honed her skills and techniques through firsthand experience and continuous professional development. Her commitment to understanding human behavior and fostering healthy relationships has led her to develop practical strategies, like the ones taught in this course.

Linda is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights to help others navigate difficult interpersonal dynamics with resilience and grace.

The Banana Man Online Course


90-minute, self-paced course




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